Monday Meow: Link Roundup

Hey Strangekittens! This weekend’s links are a mixed bag of thinkers and shiny things. Religious Belief Decreases with Analytic Thinking – I’m not surprised. It should. Logic should dispute most religions. Chloë Sevigny was a loner – Poor thing. Some places don’t appreciate us creative types :< i had the same issue growing up. Hell, people still call me a freak, lol! 25 Ways to wear a trench: Spotted in Toronto – I love trenchcoats. That … Continue reading

Monday Meow: Earth Day Link Roundup

Hey Strangekittens! Did you have a good Earth Day weekend? Mine was pretty chill. I played WAY too much TERA Online though!

Yesterday was Earth Day, so I thought i’d pick up some earthy-links to share this week.

Nail Art With Real Leaves (And other ideas) This is a pretty cool idea. You’d have to find something that wouldn’t wilt when you stuck it on/used a topcoat, though. Or maybe that would look cool? Who knows, I might try it.

10 Eco-friendly Fashion Brands  ‘Nuff said. Gotta have more natural brands around.

Nick Knight Kitten and Couture Photoshoot  Sorry dude, I’m so stealing this idea.

10 Uses of Google Earth That Have Made Positive Impacts on the World These are all such amazing ideas.




Denied access to the morning-after pill by an anti-choice pharmacist

Hey Strangekittens. This just recently happened in my city. I’m honestly not shocked, just appalled. Denied access to the morning-after pill by an anti-choice pharmacist | Vancouver, Canada | Whether the pharmacist is anti-choice or not, she has chosen a job where practice is governed by LAW, not by her personal beliefs. This was a disgusting abuse of power on her part. Sadly, this happens every day. In Canada, the Plan B pill is available … Continue reading

Monday Meow: Link Roundup – 16/04/2012

Hey Strangekittens. Every Monday i’ll be collecting links of interesting stuff I found over the weekend. It could be anything from fashion to health and tech. Enjoy! Learn to Tie a Scarf into a Turban (I don’t think I’d suit a turban, but you can try!) Look Better in Instagram Photos (Or just pictures in general) Garlic for Skin/Zits?  I might try this…hey, when you’re 26 and still get acne you’ll … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Royal Blood

Hey Strangekittens. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, and I especially love Daenerys. This week’s nails are for the blood of the dragon! Deep red for war, cream for her hair, and glitter for her dragons. Excuse my raggedy cuticles, lol!   You will need: – A deep red, I used Essie’s Bordeux – A white nail pen, or polish. I used one by Sally Hansen – A clear glitter coat. … Continue reading

Ashley Judd: “It’s a misogynistic assault on women”

Hey Strangekittens. You’ve probably seen the fuss about Ashley’s Judd’s poor face on Twitter/FB. Accusations that she’d had work done, etc, and being vilfied as some evil monster…for having a puffy face. For the record, she was sick for over an month, and had to take steroid medicine. Which tends to puff you out like a blowfish, unfortunately. Ashley responds in the classiest, most intelligent way possible: Ashley Judd Slaps … Continue reading

A Guide to the Instagram Filters You’ll Soon Be Seeing on Facebook – Megan Garber – Technology – The Atlantic

Hey Strangekittens. I just got into Instagram, (Android) and i’m still learning. Here’s a great guide on the filters! Follow me on Instagram: strangekittyca A Guide to the Instagram Filters You’ll Soon Be Seeing on Facebook – Megan Garber – Technology – The Atlantic.   -Dannielle