5 beauty, fashion and health blogs I read every day

Hey Strangekittens. Happy hump day!

Today is a list post, wooo! Short and sweet.

This is the stuff I read every day, when I first wake up. They’ve all proven to be consistent and an excellent source of valuable info for me.

1. Mark’s Daily Apple is about the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. I’ve been living this for a year now and can personally attest to the awesome results. Mark Sisson posts everyday, and it’s always backed up with true science, and his great sense of humour to boot. Wanna learn how to be healthy, and not feel intimidated by all the science stuff? Mark’s got you covered.

2. Michelle Phan is a gorgeous beauty blogger who made makeup appealing and understandable for me, which is an achievement in itself. She’s also a great Youtube success story. This girl climbed up the ladder the hard way, and deserves the success she’s reaping now. Check out her short films too, they’re amazing!

3. The Beauty Department is another beauty, hair and fashion blog. They have some of the best picture & video tutorials i’ve seen, all very clean and easy to follow for just about anyone. Personally, i’m horrible with written instructions and videos/images are such a boon for me!

4. The Polishaholic I’m addicted to nail polish, enough said. They post every day, and keep me up to date with the latest trends. There are some AMAZING manicures on there, it’s awesome if you’re stuck for ideas!

5. Fast Paleo  is probably the best Paleo recipe site I’ve come across. I heart visual indexes!  And you do’t have to be Paleo to appreciate how yummy it all looks!

EDIT: Fast Paleo is back online. Yay!


– Dannielle




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