5 Quick tips for spicing up your protein shakes

5 quick tips protein

I get bored, especially when I have the same routine protein shake day after day. So I spice things up with these simple variations.

1. Instead of using plain water/milk as a mixer, use brewed tea.

I personally love Twinings Tea, Earl Grey
or  Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos Tea mixed with Kaizen Vanilla whey powder.

2. Mix it with hot coffee. Or ice coffee in the summer!

Who said you can’t add a caffeinated kick in the face?

3. Whisk in some double cream or creme fraiche.

This is a great way of adding to your saturated fat macros.

4. Mix strawberry whey with pureed berries and cream

Need a bit of sugary carbs? Whip up some berries in your blender with a scoop of strawberry whey.

5. Try goat’s milk or kefir as a mixer.

Double the protein, a good dose of saturated fat and gut bacteria friendly.

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