5 Ways Going Paleo Changed My Life


Going Paleo (and gluten-free) changed my life for the better. Here’s 5 reasons why.

I actually think about what I eat.

I don’t mindlessly snack and eat til my stomach hurts anymore. This in itself is amazing for someone that had an eating disorder. I used to eat SO MUCH PASTA. And i didn’t know why I felt sick and spent so much time running to the bathroom!

I eat healthier.

With the structure of basing a meal around a protein and veggies, it takes a lot of the temptation of overeating out by default. It’s pretty hard to overeat protein and fat; it’s so filling! These days I snack on veggies or cold cuts. In fact, I might eat more vegetables that some vegetarians!

I feel good about food.

Eating is enjoyable. I used to feel guilty about eating, and it’d end up being a painful cycle of stuffing myself, feeling shitty and then eating again to comfort myself.

I listen to my body, and realize that food can be medicine too.

steak-1083567_1920That isn’t to say that mainstream medicine is useless, it’s not. It has uses where appropriate. But when everything is balanced inside you on a day to day basis, it’s easier to pinpoint what might be going wrong. If I normally eat clean, then eat a donut and feel sick a short time later – odds are that donut is the culprit!

Lastly, eating Paleo completely reshaped my body.

By virtue of taking out the grains and processed food in my diet, I dropped quite a bit of weight, my health improved, and I actually sleep regularly now.

What did going Paleo, or gluten free do for you? Comment below.

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