Alternatives to Instagram, + How to backup your stuff

By now, you’ve heard of Instagram’s ridiculous new ToS they’re bringing in on Jan 16th. As a industry professional, I cannot allow my work to be used uncompensated, among other things.

Check out here what model Coco Rocha has to

Personally, I’ve quit already, and asked my collaborators and clients to take down any work I still own copyrights to. It’s a huge pain in the ass, thanks Insta-goons.

Anyway, here’s some alternative services, and also some ways to backup your photos before you nuke your Instagram account.


Oh Flickr, i’m sorry I left you, I was a fool! They’ve definitely caught up with the times, and have some beautiful new apps for iOS and Android phones. Check it out, it’s free! As always, they have a huge web community as well of everyone from amateur to professional photographers. It’s a great network.


Yes, Twitter has started their own filter-thing. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard decent reviews. It’s fairly minimalist as of yet, though.


I saw this on @AndersonCooper’s Twitter and it looked pretty legit. I haven’t tried it but I will soon. Update and review later 🙂

Of course, there’s roughly a bajillion different apps out there, but these stand out to me as the most user friendly, up to date, and with a large userbase.

Backing up your stuff.

Instagram itself recommends Instaport

Which right now is just about dying under the increased traffic. Try it tomorrow or later in the night.


Another major one, but it’s making upgrades to cope with the increased server load. Try tomorrow.


The one I used. They will download and send you a link to a zip file. It only exists for 2hrs on their servers, so make sure you download it ASAP. It seems to be coping ok as of posting time.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always save them individually from your web profile on Instagram’s site.


I’m always upset when I have to leave a social network. As a blogger an an artist, we spend a lot of time promoting, networking etc. It’s a huge amount of time invested gone down the drain.

Not cool Instagram. Not cool at all.


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