Can we stop this sort of bitchy crap, ladies?

Hey Strangekittens. Firstly, don’t get pissy at me about only picking on women, i’m gonna do a corresponding male post next week.

I am so very, very sick of cliquey, man-hating, sheeple behaviour. I have studied sociology, and psychology. I know people of like mind gather together in groups. This also applies to those with the same misguided hatreds. Biologically, this all makes sense to me. In practical terms, it doesn’t, in a way.

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I saw something today on Facebook that raised my hackles in such a primal way, I was infuriated. If befuddles me how people can believe something so strongly, despite all logic and evidence. (Speaking of illogical, check out my religion post)

A friend of mine expressed her disagreement at someone generalizing about how she hated men, and in turn, calling her weak, ‘dick-whipped’ essentially, for defending her husband and saying no, not all men are misogynistic bastards.  The problem we both had with this person was that for one, she was hating on men in the same way she was complaining they have treated her. Which is like murdering someone for murdering someone. Why is it ok for you, and not for them?

Secondly, she was being VERY abusive about it. There’s expressing your opinion and discussing it respectfully with others, then there’s screeching at the top of your lungs and abusing everyone that doesn’t agree with you.

The first is the adult, mature way of dealing with it The second is how a 5yr old deals with not getting what they want: emotional manipulation.

My friend was attacked by several other women for expressing a dissenting opinion. Now, if you’re an adult and can’t deal with people expressing a different opinion, you’re going to have a very hard time in life, and probably not many real friends. People that agree with you all the time are not really true friends; they are sheep. Yes, some people are very similar. Myself and my husband tend to agree on a lot, but when we don’t, it’s ok to SAY so.

I have my problems with males, just like everyone else. Some of them have treated me very, very badly. But i’m not gonna persecute them all, just because of a few.  I’m a little more wary, that’s all. Judging an entire group based on a few experiences is discrimination. I know this may be the politically correct answer, but it’s also the logical answer.

I’ve met so many women who hate on every guy for so many reasons that are not his fault. One of the biggest is the potential rapist factor. The fact that he has functional genitals does not make him a rapist. The chance that he’s a total douchebag might. I’m not saying don’t be careful, you should also be cautious when you’re alone. But you should be cautious around most strangers, male or female. Females have murdered and raped plenty of people too. Common sense should prevail though.

The other one I come across a lot is women that call men misogynistic for asking them to do something typically feminine. Like say, wash the dishes. Firstly, I’m bewildered that jobs have ‘genders’. When I was growing up, my dad did the dishes. Because my mother was honestly a terrible housewife. See where I’m going here? If they’re asking politely, they’re not being misogynist. Yes, that includes your male boss ordering you around. He’s paying you to do a job! How dare he tell you to do it. Jeez, what a bastard he is.

Now, most of us in the developed world like to think we have the freedom to express an opinion, without persecution, even on such a small scale as Facebook. And we should, theoretically, and legally. But when someone does, are you going to say, ‘I respect that you think that, but…’ or yell yours over them until they give up or smack you?

If you chose the latter, you’re the kind of person that makes this world just that much more harder for people to live in.  Grow a spine, and stop being a sheep and bleating with the rest of the herd.

Critical thinking, and the ability to accept, process and judge information is one of the amazing things that humans evolved to do.

Try it, perhaps. A whole new world will open up to you.



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