Contact/Press Kit

Welcome to my little press kit! I love collaborating with other bloggers and companies, so here’s the quick info:

I am an experienced writer, professional photographer and highly active on social media.

My cooking posts are the most popular, and frequently re-pinned and shared on social networks. My users love that I show them easy and budget friendly ways to stay Paleo/Primal.

I’ve been featured on for my Paleo recipes, and published several times for my photography and design.

We have a varied fanbase, but the largest is females from 19-35.

For examples of reviews i’ve done for companies so far, click here. I also love to run give-aways and post competitions/offers that benefit my fans.

A few guidelines:

  • We will disclose if you sent it to us to be reviewed.
  • We’re based in Vancouver, Canada. Please don’t send us stuff that violates local laws. :)
  • Reviews are posted on only (and social media)
  • We heavily promote on social media for all our posts. We contribute to recipe aggregators like Just Eat Real Food and Chowstalker.

Ad policy:

We host relevant ads through Google Adsense. Although they are designed to be relevant to our target audience and posts, occasionally they may not be. Please use the contact form below to report anything inappropriate (with a screenshot preferably, which you can host on sites like Imgur). We apologise if this happens.


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