Eyes Wide -10 minute tutorial – How to make your eyes look bigger

Hey Strangekittens, here’s a quick tutorial on an easy way to make your eyes look bigger. It’s also a really natural looking everyday look. This is only for the eyes, I haven’t included doing your foundation/primer, which I did beforehand. I designed this so you can do it anywhere, even if you just have your make up and no brushes. I used my (clean) fingers!

Before you ask, yes, my hair is really blue and red. One day I’ll tell you how I did it lol! And no, i’m not wearing mascara in here, I forgot. 😛

You will need:

– A white/cream highlighting eyeshadow. I used Sephora’s ‘Alpine’.

– A peachy-beige or brown color, depending on your skin tone. You want something close to it but slightly darker. I’m so pale that i’m nearly see thru, so I use a peachy light brown. I used MAC’s ‘Shroom’

– Black or brown eyeliner. I used a liquid one, but it’s ok to use that or a pencil (or gel) as long as you can get a thin line. I used Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto.

MAC Shroom/Sephora Alpine/Lash Stiletto Liquid Liner

Step One

Using your index finger, or a small shadow brush, cover your entire lid (up to the brow bone) with Shroom/a peachy beige. Make sure it’s blended and even. I put a tiny bit more right in the middle of my lid for emphasis, but I wear glasses and I need it. If you don’t, you can skip that. It’s also handy for ladies with Asian eyes.



Step Two

Using your little finger, smudge a small amount of the ‘Alpine’ white/cream shadow underneath the outer part of your eyebrow, on the brow bone. Blend so it’s toned down and softer.

Do the same thing for the inner corner of your eyes.

Alpine highlighter

Step Three

Eye liner! Whatever you’re using, line the top lash line as close as you can, and thinly. We’re going for natural, remember?

Eyes Wide - Finished


And you’re done!

Finish off with some mascara, and go bat your big cute kitty eyes at someone you love. I also should have posted a picture with my eyes open, but we shot this at like 10:30pm and I looked like a crazy cat lady. (Busy weekend)





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