Friday Nails: Best trends from around the web

Hey Strangekittens. So this week I haven’t had time to do a proper tutorial (booo I know), but to keep you busy, I’ve put together a collection of the most gorgeous trends in nails I’ve seen this week.

Caviar nails. I want to try this in black! Although, I’m a little nervous that stuff would drop off and my cat would eat it!

Snakeskin nails. I’ve heard of an ACTUAL snakeskin nail, but this is a little less creepy, and prettier I think.

Glitter ombre nails. Looks pretty easy to do, maybe I’ll try this next week?

Hunger Games nails. (Links to Pintrest) It’s amazing how many different ideas there are for this. Have you seen the movie? I saw it last week, it’s pretty interesting, and reminds me of Battle Royale. I might pick up the books soon. :)

Enjoy your weekend!



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