Friday Nails: Bundlemonster Stamping Plates review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween, including our kitties on the east coast.

This week’s nails are courtesy of the awesome people at Nail Polish Canada. They asked me if I wanted to try out their new stamping plates from Bundlemonster. 🙂

This pack is 25 nail stamping plates, designed to work with stamping kits like Konad Nail Stamper. There’s 150 designs altogether, so plenty to play with. At $23.99 CAD and free shipping, it’s a pretty awesome deal.

Here’s what the plates looks like. The pack is surprisingly small, but hefty! The blue ones still have their protective film on them. Remember to peel them off before you use them or it won’t work 😛

They print just as well as the regular Konad plates.

One important tip: When you’re cleaning the stamper and plate in between uses, use pure Acetone. You can’t use remover with moisturiser or it leaves an oily film that prevents your stamper from picking up the polish.  

I used a design from plate BM-315. What do you think? My aim is still a bit funny 🙂

You can pick them up here, have fun!

Enjoy your weekend!


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