Friday Nails: Essence Nail Polish review

Hey guys! This week has been crazy. But, somewhere in that mess, I spotted this new nail polish brand – Essence.

From what i’ve read, it’s a European brand, just landed here in Canada. Despite the dubiously cheap price of $1.27, I picked up a bottle.

I. Freaking. Love. This. Brand. XD

Anyone that knows me, knows that I loooove cheap shinies. That being said, some cheaper brands are of…questionable quality?

But Essence is not. It goes on beautifully smooth and buttery, I’d liken it to the texture of Essie’s formula, but slightly thicker. I was a little weirded out by the brush, as it’s definitely wider. But, strangely enough, it works a lot better than the usual narrow brush, distributing polish very evenly. It almost feels soft.

Anyway, I picked up this colour because of the cool rainbow-oil slick effect it has. It’s marked as ’37’, and only needs 2 coats. It has tiny shimmery green/pink particles, in a black base. The colour pay-off is quite impressive too. I keep turning my finger around in the light to see it change colour. 🙂

Anyway, i’m very impressed. And at that price, i’ll probably end up picking up the entire range before long!

I also picked up some more Konad nail plates. You might see those pop up next week 😛

Enjoy your weekend, summer is dying.


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