Friday Nails: Fall trends 2012

Hey kittens! I’m giving my nails a break this week because they’re honestly a mess 🙂 But never fear, Nion is here to give you the scoop on the latest trends i’ve snooped out for you.


Oh man, if you haven’t heard of Ciate yet, i’d like to see the rock you’re living under! We’ve seen the famous caviar manicure, then the velvet, and now, sequins! I haven’t had a chance to try them personally, but i’ve seen how luxe they look. Damn my thin wallet 🙂


I’ve been seeing a lot of Butter London’s new Fall collection, with it’s shimmery holographic polishes It’s hard to describe, check em out here: Butter London @ NPC

China Glaze also brought out some holographics in their Wicked 2012 collection for halloween: China Glaze: Wicked @ NPC


Because duh, Halloween is in a couple weeks! So much orange. But you can pick up some cool ideas on Pinterest with a simple search

I’ve got several bloody scary Halloween ideas in store for you all.


Er, excuse me. You weren’t supposed to hear the evil laughter. Um…this is awkward.

…enjoy your weekend.


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