Friday Nails: Go for Gold!

Hey Strangekittens.

I’ve seen a LOT of Olympics nails this week. Hundreds. Thing is, they all seem to look the same. Olympic rings, country flags, woooo. So, I decided to go for a more abstract celebration – this one signifies victory.  Golden streaks with silver and bronze flecks, glittering like an Olympic medal.

You will need:

  • A gold colour
  • Sephora’s glitter coat in ‘212’
  • Dental floss. Waxed is better.

Step one:

2-3 coats of your gold colour.

Step two:

Once the gold is completely dry, wrap a length of floss around your nail like this, in any pattern you like.

Keep it secure under your finger, I just pressed my finger on the table.

Use the glitter coat to smoothly paint over your nail. Better to have a little more on the brush.

Step three:

Once that’s half dry, carefully peel off the floss. You should be left with some cool gold streaks like this:

It’s best to do one finger at a time, unless you have some exceptional coordination. Which I don’t 😛

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll keep watching New Zealand and Canada in the medal rankings! What country are you cheering for?


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