Friday Nails: Green with Envy

Hey guys. This week’s tutorial is inspired by all these hilarious pictures I saw of some very un-sportsmanlike behaviour. A certain gymnast was NOT happy to get second place…the term ‘green with envy’ comes to mind 🙂

You will need:

  • A green metallic colour
  • A glossy green colour.
  • A dotting tool of some sort – I used an old chopstick
  • Optional: a matte coat

Step one:

Two coats of the metallic green.

Step two:

Using the dotting tool (or chopstick, lol), start placing increasingly smaller dots on your nails in rows like this:

Step three:

So, you could actually just swipe over a topcoat and leave it like this. Optionally, you could add a matte coat for this look:

Which one do you like better? Personally, I can’t decide!

Enjoy your weekend!


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