Friday Nails: H.R Giger inspired

Hey Strangekittens. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Giger fan. If I could, I’d have my entire home look like Giger’s works. Recently I saw Prometheus, and drooled the entire movie. 🙂

My husband suggested this, so after a couple of tries, I had a go at it! Giger’s works are intricate and detailed, but as the fingernail is a very small canvas, I took some artistic liberty with it 🙂 I went for the look of the ribbed cables you see in most of his stuff. This wasn’t hard, but it did take me perhaps an hour and a half!

You will need:

  • A gunmetal colour
  • A silver colour
  • A matte clear coat
  • A dark foil/glitter topcoat – optional, but it does enhance the texture and colour a lot. Mine was 212 at Sephora.
  • A couple of fine paint brushes
  • A black fine point sharpie

Step one:

Two coats of the gunmetal, then one thin coat of the foil topcoat. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture! But it’s pretty self explanatory 🙂

Step two:

Using a fine brush, paint curved lines across the nail like this with the silver:

Using the remainder of the polish on the brush, gently brush some around in the darker areas. It will look lighter and scratchy.

Wait for all this to dry completely. Mine too awhile, it’s pretty warm here right now 🙂

Step three:

Once it’s completely dry, you can use the sharpie to add more detail and outlining. I did mine quite scratchy and gritty:

Finish with the matte coat, and you’re done! Apart from wishing I used a true black sharpie instead of the marker one, I’m pretty pleased with it 🙂

Enjoy your weekend guys! It’s nice and sunny here, hopefully it lasts.


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