Friday Nails: Halloween Falls

This week’s look is my last salute to the colours of Fall before I dive into Halloween! Fall is very short here in Vancouver.  🙂 It’s a lovely garnet red and yellow gold with just enough creepy…

You will need:

  • A yellow gold colour
  • A garnet red metallic – I used Sephora by OPI’s ‘Living in Cinnamon’ (I’m obsessed with this colour right meow)
  • Something with a fine point – I cut the end off a q-tip so it was pencil point shaped. I couldn’t find a pencil 😛

Step one:

2 coats of the red.

Step two:

Find something like a plastic lid to use as a palette. Dipping the fine point end of the q-tip, blob a spot of gold in the middle of your nail, and drag gently towards the tip. Repeat alongside it – you should be able to fit 3 ‘drips’. Gently fill in the gaps between the start of the drips if you prefer.

Step three:

Let that dry for a good 20 mins before you finish with a topcoat. The drippy bits will be thicker than a normal coat and you don’t want to smudge it!

What do you have planned for Halloween? I have lots more in store for you!

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– Dannielle


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