Friday Nails: Konad Stamping Nail Art review/tutorial

Hey Strangekittens. The nice people at sent me this nifty Konad nail stamping kit to try out. Everyone knows I love free stuff, (and who doesn’t) plus i’ve never tried stuff like this before. As a professionally trained artist, if I did something this detailed I usually handpainted it….carefully. I’ve seen a lot of stuff like this that are popular in Asia, but not much in stores here yet.

I’m kinda in love with this kit now! Despite the fact that it’s got a bit of learning curve, there’s so many possibilities with it. (I’m definitely gonna be trying to layer them later. Plotting is underway.)

So this is what it looks like:

Inside the kit: Polish, design plate, stamper & scraper

The technique is easy, it’s just getting your aim and timing down, for me anyway.

You apply the nail polish to the design you want to use, scrape off the excess, then roll the large soft end of the stamper across it. Then, you press it down on your nail (or roll, if you have narrow nails like me). Make sure you do it fairly quickly, because it does dry rather quick. I’ve read on other reviews that you can definitely use other nail polishes with it; you may want to stay on the side of thicker formulas, as thin ones will not pick up as well I’d think.

Like I said, it’s easy in practice but it took me a few tries to get it right. My aim is terrible today, but I’m pleased with how it looks:

I went for red and white, as Canada Day weekend is coming up!

Once you get the technique down, the designs come out very clear and sharp. The plate I was sent were floral designs, but you can get other plates from There’s a wide range of patterns from what I saw, so it’s not like you’re spoiled for choice. 🙂

It seems to be based on the same concept as lino-cut or woodcut printing, but on a very small scale. It’s a very accurate way of transferring designs though.

Personally, i’ll definitely be looking for more plates to try out the larger pattern designs! One of the other things that impressed me, is that the entire process is much faster than I would have thought. Even with handling my SLR in between steps to take pictures, It only took me under 20mins.

Overall, the product is clever and efficient in use and result. The only thing I would recommend is making sure you keep the scraper and plate clean, every couple of stamps you do. I just swabbed a q-tip with polish remover over them; this worked quite well.

You can pick it up at Nail Polish Canada, and other authorized distributors.

I’m definitely gonna be playing more with this, to see what sort of stuff I can come up with.

Enjoy your weekend, and have a lovely, sparkly Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!


 PS: This is not a paid review. NPC sent me a kit free of charge to play with <3


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