Friday Nails: Layla Flash Black review/looks

Hey guys! So I was looking around for some brands I haven’t tried, while I was trying to find some of the OPI Skyfall polishes before they’re all gone.

I came across ‘Layla‘(Link in Italian). I’ve never seen this brand before in person, and playing around in their new holographic collection, I picked up ‘Flash Black’. (About $16 here, which is steep for polish but it’s worth it) It seems to be Italian, which is likely why I’ve never seen it before. I found mine at a Chatters beauty supply store, but you can order it online here

Ok, so here’s the bottle:

layla black flash 1It’s actually quite a thin formula, but it goes on opaque. Just be careful, because it can drip if you’re not used to it. I’d compare it to Essie’s formula like that.

I did the standard two coats – I wasn’t actually impressed until it started drying, because the effect doesn’t quite show up until it’s dry. After it’s dry, it’s really impressive! It looks like really sparkly metallic mica car paint. I’m moving my finger around in the light as I type this post, because it’s so pretty, haha.

I wanted to see how it looks with other polishes, ((From top to bottom) Layla Flash Black ,  Essie’s Lapis of Luxury, OPI Skyfall Live and Let Die).

layla black flash 2You can see how it shows up a rainbow/oil slick type effect, and it’s quite cool. Due to the ‘grainy’ texture I wouldn’t put it against lighter pastels. It looks a bit odd. It looks magnificent against darker colours like the Skyfall one.

That’s all for this week, look forward to some special posts next week, as it’s our first birthday!


– Dannielle



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2 Responses to Friday Nails: Layla Flash Black review/looks

  1. Suburban Style Challenge says:

    Fantastic color! Thanks for sharing… I’ll have to keep an eye out for this brand.

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