Friday Nails: My nail care routine

Hey Strangekittens! As you know, I do a nail tutorial every Friday, and take a break every 3-4th week. Changing your nails every week is a bit harsh on your nails, so taking care of them is important.

On a normal week:

Normally I do the nail tutorial on Wednesday, to post on Thursday night. Usually I only keep the manicure on over the weekend, so I can baby and prep my nails and hands for the next week.

Confusing? In short, I only wear nail polish from Wednesday through to maybe Sunday/Monday. Sometimes I slack off, but it’s always off the day before I photograph the next look.

I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my hands. Once that’s absorbed…

I’ll use Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream every night after my shower, and rub it well into the cuticle and nail.

That’s basically it for products. The main thing that keeps my nails strong, thick and healthy (Seriously, they’re like eagle talons haha) is my Paleo diet.

I eat a lot of protein and good saturated fats (Mainly organic meat), no grains, and a lot of veggies. It’s not hard; and there’s a million different meats and vegetables you can use 🙂 As my diet naturally has a lot of good vitamins and minerals used in nail and hair growth, I don’t actually take any supplements. My nails almost never break or peel, unless I do something exceedingly stupid (like trying to pull out a cork with my nails).

 The day of my tutorial:

I have a nail dremel/drill that I use to buff and shape my nails.  I actually found it at the dollar store for like $2! It was a great find.  Make sure you find one for FINGERNAILS. Don’t use a normal dremel/drill, you’ll buff your finger right off. It’s much faster than using a buffing bar.

After this, guess what: More cuticle cream! I’ll wait a bit for that to absorb, and use a little bit of nail polish remover to take the excess oil off the nail.

After this, I ALWAYS use a good base coat, or my nails would look yellow all the time. Nail polish (especially reds) will stain your nails, and the only real way to get rid of it is waiting for it to grow out.

The in-between days:

I do my normal routine, but try to baby my nails…I’ll fix and hangnails, dry bits etc and give it time to heal.

Simple, and effective. I highly recommend the Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream (with Apricot Oil). It’s effective and smells yummy too! It’s done wonders for my fingers 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!


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