Friday Nails: Silver Surfer

Hey Strangekittens. This week’s look is super easy. It’s a basic silver French tip, but totally on trend right now!

You could do this either with fake nails like me, or cream nail polish, but it’s easier with the fake nails.

You will need:

silver surfer 1

– Plain fake nails

– Chrome/silver nail polish

– Sticky tape. Use cheap tape, you want it to stick but not too much (it might leave a residue)

Step One:

Apply fake nails. Not gonna explain it, they usually come with instructions 😛 After they’re nice and set, use short bits of tape to mark off a strip like this:

silver surfer 2

Step two:

Paint the chrome/silver polish over the top. I did two coats.

silver surfer 3

Step three:

After that’s dry, carefully peel off the tape. Ta-daaah! Silver tips. Finish with a topcoat to protect. Simple eh? The reason i use fake nails with this, is that I can easily clean up the line with a q-tip if i need to, and i don’t have to repaint the nail 🙂

silver surfer 4

Enjoy your long Easter weekend Strangekittens!



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