Friday Nails: That’s a wrap!

Hey guys! This week’s nails are a classy, elegant way to do a Xmas theme. I’m bringing in chrome, purple and glitter. (There had to be glitter.) It’s inspired by some cute silver and purple striped boxes I saw this weekend. It’s also an entry in Nail Polish Canada’s Holiday theme competition. (Voting closed)

You will need:

  • A silver polish, I used Essie ‘There’s No Place Like Chrome’
  • A deep purple, I used OPI ‘Licoln Park After Dark’
  • A chunky glitter clear coat, I used an OPI by Sephora one. (Name wore off)
  • Some tape to help with clean edges :)

Step one: 

2 coats of the chrome. I LOVE this Essie one for this, it’s mirror-like on really smooth surfaces. Make sure this is dry before proceeding or it’ll smudge in the next one.

Step two:

Using strips of tape as a guide, (dab the sticky side with your finger so it’s not too sticky and rips off polish) paint the deep purple line across the middle, and the top. Let it dry for about 30secs-1min before you carefully peel off the tape.

Pro tip: The longer you let it dry (not completely though) the cleaner your lines will be. If you want a softer line, pull it off after painting it immediately and it will spread a bit. This is good if you want to blend some colours too, try it!) 

Step three:

Dab on that glitter like a boss. No such thing as too much glitter! Why dab? Because you can arrange it how you like (and get more on there that swiping)


Have an awesome weekend!


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