Friday Nails: Trim the tree

Hey guys! This is my week 3 entry for NPC’s Holiday Nail Art competition.

Seeing as everyone else is doing straight up trees and baubles, I decided to be a weirdo and go abstract 😛


It’s kinda symbolic. The red is for Canada. The gold is for the good times with friends. The diamond/stars is for the hopes we hold for a new year. Xmas is not traditionally a happy time for me. During my childhood it just reminded me how poor my family was, and how unhappy we all were.

Now, as an adult, my husband and I get together with friends and celebrate. There’s nothing religious in it for us; it’s just a time to celebrate our friendship, winter, and the end of the year.

So, end of sappy intro. I’ve been sick this week with too much time to think 😛

This one is easy.

You will need:

  • A red (Essie Fishnet Stockings)
  • A gold
  • Small crystals
  • Small brush

Step one:

2 coats of the red.

Step two:

Dab on the gold haphazardly. We’re gonna mess it up do it does need to be perfect. Be messy!

While it’s still wet, use the brush to mess it up. It’s ok if it mixes a little red in it.

Step three:

While the gold is still wet, carefully place a crystal at the tip of your nail. Voila!

And you’re done. I love a textured look, have you tried one?

Enjoy your weekend!


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