Friday Nails: Tropical Flower

Hey¬†Strangekittens. This week’s look is a bright, practically neon blue/pink look. I learnt a new trick from theweejenny. Usually for French tips you’d use nail stickers right? But they’re kinda pricey, especially if you do it a lot. Either you develop a steady hand, or use tape like me, but then you don’t get a nice curve.

Well, theweejenny showed me these things called binder reinforcement stickers. They’re office supplies, round stickers you put on the holes in binder paper so it doesn’t rip. Check it out in the ‘What you’ll need’ below. Plus, they’re like a dollar, and it comes with hundreds, usually.


What you’ll need:

tropical flower nails

-A bright blue

-A bright pink

– Binder reinforcement stickers (or nail stickers)

– Some tweezers

Step one:

Two coats of blue.

tropical flower nails 1

Step two:

Apply stickers like so. Make sure your blue coat is COMPLETELY dry before doing this. If you like, cut them in half (like a ‘C’ shape) to make it easier, Make sure it’s sticking all the way to the edges.

tropical flower nails 2

Step three:

Paint the pink over the top like this. Don’t do it too thick, I actually wasn’t paying attention and I screwed mine up a little because I was impatient. :P

tropical flower nails 3

Wait for that to dry, and…

Step four:

Using the tweezers, carefully peel off the stickers. Caaaarefully. You might have to smooth down the edges where you peeled it off; tap it lightly with your finger. Finish with a topcoat, and you’re done!

tropical flower nails 4

Have a great weekend Strangekittens! Personally, i’ll be buried under photos to edit :P




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One Response to Friday Nails: Tropical Flower

  1. FoxDarling says:

    OOER! I’ve never thought of using binder stickers for this purpose.. I always always fail at using tape so this will be awesome to try out!

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