Friday Nails: Upcoming Fall Trends

Hey guys, this week i’m giving my nails a well deserved break. I put together the trends i’m seeing online for the fall, so you can keep up to date!

Biggest trend: Oxblood red. A deep, dark, visceral red. This comes back in every year in nails and lips, i’m not too surprised.

My favourite red? Essie’s ‘Bordeaux’

I’m seeing a rise in nail stamping art and stickers, probably due to brands like Konad being sold in North America. It makes getting a detailed look really easy!

I’ve seen some really cool colour/texture combos, like this metallic and gloss one.

Check out more inspiration on Pinterest here

Weird trend, not sure if want: Glow in the dark nails. For one, this is only really useful if you go skulking around and night a lot, or go clubbing on a regular basis. I’m seeing it pop up a fair amount, but I think I might take a pass on this one.

 Other longer lasting trends: Lacy patterned tips, bows and flowers. These are always popular, so you can’t go wrong with that 🙂

Enjoy your weekend kittens!




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