Wednesday Noms: Greasy Goodness – Why you should use natural oils

Hey Strangekittens. I wanted to explain why I don’t use Vegetable/seed/grain oils, as I’ve been asked and flamed a bit for using butter.

I just KNOW this post is going to cause some argument. But this is my scientifically researched, educated opinion on this. Mainstream media is started to come around to the fact that it’s not FAT that makes you fat, it’s all the sugar we’ve been shovelling down.

Firstly, I don’t think the human body evolved to reject natural fats that we’re SURROUNDED by. Oh man, how did we get by without margarine and vegetable oil? Oh wait, we did for thousands of years, using and thriving on animal and natural fats. These chemical fats only occurred in the last hundred years, and look how far that’s got us – increased rates of heart disease and stroke, cardiac events, obesity – stuff that was relatively rare beforehand.

I’m a big science nerd, but not everything we’ve produced is good for us. Saturated fats are essential for basic body functions, from your skin and hair, to your brain and other organs.

A short rundown of what I use, and why. No particular order.

1. Butter. And I mean real honest-to-goodness, pure dairy fat butter. Grassfed pastured butter is better, but as that’s hard to find, normal will do. It’s definitely better for you than vegetable oil. Everyone knows I love my butter. For one, it’s an excellent source of good natural saturated fats, as well as calcium and Vitamin A. Grassfed butter has even more in addition to this: K2 and carotene.

It makes a good cooking grease, and it tastes AWESOME. It’s got a low smoke point though, so don’t use it for deep frying. I use it for frying, and flavouring.

2. Ghee. (Not vegetable ghee) Yes, I know Ghee is clarified butter, but it has a much higher smoke point, due to the absence of milk fats. It’s excellent for most all around uses, I use it all the time for anything that goes in the oven. It’s a solid when cool, liquifies when warmed.

It’s made from Makhan (Indian cultured butter) and contains 17 amino acids, great levels of antioxidants, as wells as vitamin E, K and small amounds of pantothenic acid, riboflavin, calcium and potassium. It also tastes really good!

I use it for just about everything, from baking, roasting, frying and more.

3.Organic virgin coconut oil. This stuff qualifies as a damn miracle food. It has antifungal and antiviral properties. It helps regulate insulin production and blood sugar. It’s helpful in protecting the body against many, many things, as well as just greasing the wheels, so to speak. You can use it as skin care, haircare and even your teeth!

I literally eat this by the spoonful; I put it in my tea (or butter) as sort of a supplement.

Why I don’t use vegetable oils:

One, it’s not good for you. Two, they’re all kinda toxic. I’m not as deeply educated in this, so i’ll let Mark Sisson explain it for you. Here is a rundown of many different edible fats.






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