Happy International Women’s Day!

Hey Strangekittens. As you may have read, today is International Women’s Day.

Some of the younger people among us may not understand why we have such days. These days are in respect to the women that came before us, they built the foundation of the countries you stand in.

Without a woman, you wouldn’t even exist. We all have mothers, alive, dead, or ones we don’t like.

Some of us have sisters, aunts, grandmothers. No matter what they are to you, everyone deserves the same rights to equality and fair treatment, regardless of age, gender, sexual preferences or ethnicity.

Some of you may have learned about ladies suffrage in school or online. These proud ladies fought for our right to vote so us, their future children, didn’t have to. If you’re living in a country where you can vote, or women can vote – you are one of the lucky ones. I come from New Zealand and we were the first country to get the women’s vote. My grandparents taught me, and showed me, that a woman’s mind is just as smart as a man’s is.

One of my ancestors wasn’t happy with her life, and not content with being married to a violent drunk, so she left him. She divorced him, and learned 2 languages to support

Heni Te Kiri Karamu

Heni Te Kiri Karamu. Credit to teara.govt.nz for the picture.

herself as a translator between the British and Maori in 18th century NZ. You’d think it would be a scandal, a single lady doing such things, but she actually became a pillar of the community and helped foster peaceful relations between the two. I’m incredibly proud of her, and always will be. She shows what education can do for anyone, given the right.

She was also a female warrior, and a woman of great mana (achievement) for her time and ours!

But some ladies are not as lucky as us. Some countries still refuse the women’s vote, and other basic rights such as education, birth control and employment. Did you know that in parts of the middle east, women cannot drive a car? Could you imagine not being able to do something that simple, because some asshole says you’re too stupid, because of your gender?

Or watching your brothers go to school, and learn to read and write and have a better future, while you are doomed to cook and clean, and raise children, (not that I don’t respect these things, stay at home mommies are some of the hardest working people, but that’s my point) and having no choice in the matter?

Did you want to be a teacher? or a scientist? Too bad, you can’t read. Because someone says your gender is not equal, because you have inside genitals!

My point is, we forget how much we do have in developed countries, compared to someone else. I suspect the battle for equal rights for anyone, let alone women, will not be done in my lifetime. But I would like to imagine that it steps forward in leaps and bounds while I am.

Ladies all around the world, demand equality for all, not just yourselves. You may not feel it will happen for you, but pushing it forward to make it easier for future generations will make all the difference in the world.

Educate yourself.

Speak up.

Fight for your right!




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