How does your body type affect where you shop?

Hey Strangekittens.  Yesterday I saw a wonderful post about how (the author’s) body type affects where she shops. Obviously to some extent this applies to everyone, but how?

Let’s look at this from my personal experience.

I hate shopping for clothing. I really, really do. It’s not even a size thing any more, now that I’ve gone down a few sizes.

To start off with, i’m dramatically taller than average, which I’ve mentioned before. 5’11 to be exact, and edging in on 6ft. Height can be a bitch for clothing shopping. Fellow tall ladies and very short women know exactly what I mean. When I find a place with long jeans that also fit my hourglass figure, I seriously start squealing, and the salespeople think I’m batshit insane. I’m consistently proportioned all over, just very long. Most clothing is designed for women that are 5’3-5’5. You can see how this would prove an issue, but it’s great motivation to keep really nice abs, as they’re gonna peek out at some point! Before I got healthier and went Paleo – shopping was an utter nightmare. Pants and shoes, especially. It still is a bit stressful, very stressful in fact.

Jeans shopping, which I inflict on myself regularly, is the worst. This would usually end up with me walking out in tears to go bawl in the car with my ever patient husband (who also gives very good bear hugs. Definitely helps <3 ). A lot of you can probably relate, no matter what size you are. It didn’t even matter if they did have a size that ‘nearly’ fit  – they’re always too short. Or because of my long torso, the rise is too short, or because of my hips, it only comes 3/4 up, despite the face that it would fit my waist fine. But not past my hips/butt. Arrrgh!

As most of you have picked up, there is no standard sizing. Which I couldn’t care less about honestly, because I am NOT standard size, and most of us are not all the same size. Even in my experience working with fashion standard models – they still vary quite a bit. We all have different boobs, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, torsos, etc. I could go on. Did you know, that up until the industrial revolution, most people either had tailored clothes, or sewed their own clothing? Your great grandparents probably didn’t have this issue. Not that this was a bad thing –  it made clothing cheap and plentiful, and therefore accessible to many more people than before.

I think, one of the real issues with this is that people want to think that sizes are standard across designers – because it makes the whole process easier for them, mentally. But it’s really not. Personally, i can be anything from a 10 to a 14. I’m not especially odd, I don’t have a weird tumour or something. I’m human, I have bumps, and lady lumps in the right places. It’s just that one person designs different to another – there is a perfect designer out there for everyone, potentially. Anyway, my point is, women especially, should not be so hung up on what your dress size is. It’s really just an arbitrary number, and most of them are not telling the truth, anyway. Just try to find a size 34 jean that’s ACTUALLY 34 inches around the band. The smaller the number gets, the more likely it is that it’s a ‘vanity’ size.  Vanity sizes are meant to make you feel skinnier and all giddy, and hopefully, you’ll buy more of that brand. Sadly, it’s really manipulative.

So, what should you do? Shop around,  I say. Yes, it’s tiring. But once you find the right place for the perfect jean, or blouse, or even just a tank top – you know where to go back for it. Keep calm, and just keep trying things on. You will find something eventually. Don’t be afraid to go up a size, and find a good tailor that will fit everything else. A lot of celebs will do that. They’re not cyborgs, they’re human just like us mere mortals. But they have on call tailors 🙂

Can’t afford tailoring? (it’s not that expensive, really. Go ask.) Learn to sew. A really basic sewing machine will handle most things, and I’ve seen them for under $100. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make for your style. Even the most basic tee will look ten times better if it fits you properly.

Another very important tip: Don’t get so fixated on size that you squeeze into something too small. Muffin tops, monoboobs, QUADboobs: Not sexy. You will look like a stuffed sausage. Don’t do it, seriously. Do you want to look like a trussed ham? Size is just a number.

On that note, don’t like your size, whether it be too big or small? Look at your lifestyle. I strongly advocate a healthy body over skinny/overweight. You are a perishable creature – treat your body well, and it will reward you. Sadly, the conventional weight loss advice is most absolute bullcrap. The government food pyramids are usually whatever is the cheapest to make.

You will never go wrong with nature’s fuel that we evolved to eat and thrive on – meat, veggies and fruit. Notice I left out grains? that’s because it’s rodent food, not human food. Check out Mark’s Daily Apple, for some great nutritional info, backed up by good science.

Anyway, back to my main point. How does your body affect where you shop? do you go to certain places for different  stuff? Let me know in the comments.




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