How to Help/Info for Australia (ACT/NSW Bushfire)

Hey guys. As I may have mentioned before, I lived in Australia during my teen years. Being a Kiwi, I may give them a lot of shit, but they’re an awesome, hardworking bunch and deserve our help.

You’ve probably heard of the bushfires raging across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. Having experienced nearly a decade of bushfire seasons every year in Queensland, I can tell you it’s terrifying and devastating. Below is a list of ways you can help, whether you’re local or international.


Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief

Salvation Army (Click ‘Other countries donate here’ if outside Oz)

RSPCA (Animal help)

Local :

(You can try international aid with these but I can’t guarantee they’ll work, sorry)

St Vincent de Paul (Charity)

Animal Welfare League NSW

NARGA have a database of people willing to temporarily foster animals

Local stores Coles, Target and Woolworths are taking donations and will match dollar for dollar.


Again, some of these may be LOCAL resources only.

Call the Police Information Centre on 1800 227 228 to check welfare of family or loved ones.

People who need immediate assistance in bushfire affected areas should call Emergency on 000 or Disaster Welfare Assistance Line on 1800 018 444. They can also tell you where an evacuation centre is located in your area.

If anyone has a resource i’ve missed, comment here or use the contact form. I’ll add it to the list ASAP.


– Dannielle


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