Interview: Model & MUA, Kerosene Deluxe

Hey Strangekittens.
Recently I caught up with my friend Kerosene Deluxe, a popular pinup model and makeup artist.
I wanted to ask her about herself, and questions you sent in. I’m always amazed at how perfect her makeup is, this girl knows exactly how to rock a look. Being an industry veteran, she knows lots of good stuff.

First up…

How did you get into make-up?

Was it something you were interested in before modelling, or did you grow into it?

It was something that has fascinated and intrigued me for as long as I can remember. My mother was a real femme fatale and I used to love watching her get ready. She had a beautiful vanity table with plenty of Dior, Chanel and YSL make up for me to secretly play with when she wasn’t home. My career path was never a guessing game, it had to be cosmetic or art related somehow…

Did learning your trade in Europe change how you view make-up?

I think make up schools in Europe are a bit more prestige and rare then they are here in Canada, in particular Vancouver. There are A LOT of make up artists here and many large schools that cater towards the arts and cosmetics field. When I studied make up flashy brands like MAC were not yet trendy either so I feel like a lot those who studied make up at that time in Europe did it because they really wanted to be make up artists not because it was something ‘cool’ to do…

What’s your everyday beauty routine like?

Oh boy! I start with my skincare regime (cleanse, tone, moisturize) then primer, concealer, mineral foundation, a bit of contouring and highlight, blush, shape brows, black liquid winged liner, mascara, lipstick or gloss…

What’s a go-to look for you?

A 40’s/50’sinspired pin up look is a classic favorite. Flawless skin, black winged eyeliner, flirty lashes and a red pout.

You’ve been a popular Canadian pin-up model for years, but recently changed your look. Why?

I don’t feel like I’ve ever ‘changed’ my look, when I first started modeling (10 years ago) I was known for mostly Horror and Gothic themed shoots and later on felt more confident doing risqué pin up and glamour themed shoots. My love for the macabre and alternative has never died neither has my love for vintage glamour. The biggest difference for me is that I don’t feel like I have to ‘belong’ in any particular box or ‘scene’ my tastes are far too varied for that… and truthfully for a while, due to the increasing popularity in pin-up and burlesque they were the shoots I was most often booked for. But I shoot all styles and think a good model should be versatile. I’m a pretty multilayered person so I guess my modeling would be the same, a bit of everything….

Kerosene 2
Onto the makeup questions. One thing that several people asked is about foundation. I know this is something i struggled with as well, finding a great match for my skin type, as well as my lifestyle…

What would you recommend for ladies in their twenties and thirties?

It all depends on the type of skin they have and what they are looking to achieve, there isn’t 1 miracle product for all because we all have different skin types, concerns and desires. But in general if you have good skin don’t try to mask it, go for a sheer to medium finish and make sure the shade blends with your neck. I prefer oil free formulas that don’t clog the pores.

(Personally, I use Pur Minerals powder for everyday, which Kerosene recommended. MUFE HD liquid for photos and special occasions.)

What are some of the things that you think most girls screw up with their make-up?

Foundation that is too dark or too much bronzer…When there is a strong difference between the skintone on the face and neck. There should never be a ‘mask’ effect.

What are some basic tips you’d love to tell women?

Using a primer will help your foundation to go on more smoothly and fill out any fine lines and pores so your skin looks more flawless.
When applying liquid eyeliner start from the outer corner and work your way inward stroke by stroke, it will ‘lift’ your eyes and give it that sultry cat eye.
A peach/coral toned blush and lip colour suit all skin tones and instantly brightens up your look, it’s an all-round flattering shade for all.

What are some upcoming trends in makeup and fashion you think are worth keeping an eye on?

This Spring you’ll see a lot of pastel tinted make up looks, teal/aqua toned eyes and pink lips.
But the best tip I can give is to not pay too much note to ‘trends’, do what makes you feel good and stay true to yourself. Individualism = sexy and timeless

I know personally, you can meet some really weird and crazy types in the fashion industry.

Ever had a weird experience with someone you worked with?

I once, while on set as a make up artist/stylist, had a model throw a hissy fit because she didn’t like the brand of hair curlers I was using. She didn’t just have a hissy fit but started crying hysterically.
I also, a few years ago when I was modeling, had a photographer ask me in the middle of the shoot if he could take of all his clothes because he felt more comfortable shooting naked and it made him feel more artistic. I said ‘no thanks’ and finished the shoot with a lot of awkward silence.

Lastly, who inspires you?

Silver screen starlets, Maila Nurmi, Alexander McQueen.

Thank-you so much to Kerosene Deluxe for taking the time to answer some questions and have a fabulous photo-shoot spree with me!


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