Monday Meow: 5 Quick tips to look good in your ID picture

Hey Strangekittens, how was your weekend? I spent an unhealthy part of mine playing Sims 3! It’s always addicting, no matter how long it’s been. Today i’m gonna give you some quick tips on how to look great in your ID pictures. We all hate passport and license pics, but there’s a couple things you can do to help.

Keep your chin out. Yes, out. Jut your chin out and down a bit. Practice in the mirror. The point is to create more shadow under your jawline, so you look less like a turkey.

Remember what your mom always said? Stand up straight! Shoulders rolled back, and dropped down. It’ll help tighten everything up, plus everyone looks better standing up straight, even if it’s just a face picture.

Ladies: Wear some make-up. Yes, I know you can’t wear excessive makeup, but make sure you at least have a nice full cover foundation and contouring under your cheekbones and jawline. Why full cover? Because anything red/pinkish will show up dark grey or black in your black and white photo. (Be aware that facial piercings will do this too)

Men: Don’t shave on that day. Use your stubble to create a bit of shadow. A 5 o’clock shadow works pretty well to create the illusion of shadow in b/w photos. This works better if you have fairly consistent, dark facial hair. If it’s patchy or blonde, don’t bother. You’ll just look scraggly.

Hair down (if long), and groomed. Oh my goodness, you would be surprised how many people look like they just went through a drug bust in their photos. Ladies and gents, take a comb with you and tidy up while you’re in line. Remember, these pics will be there for a couple years! Most people look better with their hair down, rather than pulled back.

It’s another Monday folks, try to survive til next weekend!


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