Monday Meow: 5 Youtube channels you should subscribe to, right meow!

Oh no, it’s Monday again! Hey Strangekittens. As a blog, I read a lot and watch a great deal of stuff to stay up to date. Here are my 5 favourite Youtube beauty channels. I’m sticking with some lesser-known, but truly awesome gurus.

Promise Tamang Phan

Promise does some amazing make-up transformations. She shows the insane range of what can be done with make-up in the right hands!


Another gorgeous lady with some awesome how-to vids, clothing hauls and product haul vids. She’s always up to date on the latest stuff around. I particularly love her style vids; it’s great for seeing how the latest pieces can be worn.


This channel is really informative, and great for students, or girls with acne. She’s got a lot of skincare vids, and being a model, this girl knows what she’s talking about.

There’s a wide range of stuff, from hair vids to product hauls, so if you’re on a budget, definitely check her out!

Jessica Harlow

I love this channel. Another guru with a large range of subjects, but what I love about her is she focuses on making glamour accessible to everyone! (Do you know how hard it is to find videos about doing makeup with glasses?!)


This one has a lot of trend based looks, it’s great for staying up to date with the latest, as well as copying runway looks. Sometimes you see a model wearing a look but you have NO idea how to do it – this gal has got you covered.


So, now you have some awesome new vids to get you through Monday. No need to thank me, go forth and be awesome!



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