Monday Meow: Sunglasses Review

Hey Strangekittens! Check out my bitchin’ new sunglasses 😀 Aren’t they cool? very generously sent me a pair for review. I think I tried to pick one that looked similar to my normal glasses, and ended up being 80s grunge. 😀

Being that I normally wear prescription glasses, finding sunglasses is a pain. I can’t just wear any kind, i’d need to find a solid pair that would be able to take my prescription, and this is usually *very* pricey. Til now, I’ve basically put it off, and squinted instead, or made do with a hat. I just can’t afford to pay $400 for something I wear 2 months of the year. (We don’t get much sun up here in Vancouver. Mostly rain!)

The pair I chose is very well made, and they sent me a glasses case, cleaning cloth, and repair kit with a drawstring bag.

I was very pleased with the addition of a repair kit, as i’m a clumsy person!

After looking over Firmoo’s site, I was very impressed at the range of stuff on there. Very up to date styles, they keep on top of the latest trends. The prices are very affordable, even for a broke geek like me.

They have a Virtual Try On app, where you can upload a picture and get an idea of how the frames would look on you. This is really handy and convenient for me, as I’ve got an oddly shaped face. I also feel a bit weird going into a brick-and-mortar store, as you’re usually pressured to buy stuff.

Firmoo’s customer service is very quick, efficient and friendly. I was surprised at the speed of response, even with the giant time difference between China and Canada.

The coolest thing about Firmoo, and something I’ve uniquely seen on their site, is that they offer FREE eyewear to new buyers.  Basically, your first order is free, you just pay shipping. Check out the link above for more details.

Before I even wrote this review, I sent the link to at least a dozen of my friends that wear glasses! I may have got a little excited. ^_^

As well as the website, you can check them out on Facebook for special offers and updates:

Firmoo on Facebook

Thank-you again to Firmoo for the awesome product.


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