Monday Meow: How to be a smart kitty (Learning by yourself)

Hey guys! As those of you that follow my Twitter know, i’ve recently started an online course through Coursera. It’s a pretty novel concept and I had my doubts about online courses, but it really does feel like a normal university course.

There’s video lectures (mine only has 2-2.5hrs a week),  homework quizzes and assignments. But, for someone like me with an odd, ever changing schedule, it’s really such a boon. I can basically do the work when I can fit it in, and i’ve never been good in a classroom setting either 😛

Being that it’s free, and boasts some very varied courses from top universities, everyone should go check it out here!

I’m doing a course on Gamification. It’s about introducing, designing and implementing game like elements into other parts of your world. (Like a website. Hint hint for next year!)

As well as Coursera, there’s other great online education resources for those who want to self-educate, or just don’t have the time for a rigid university schedule. Or maybe you just like learning at your own pace like me!

Open Yale has free introductory courses offered by Yale University on a wide range of subjects.

Open Culture has a collection of links to 500+ different courses.

Wikiversity has a huge collection of information on an immense amout of subjects. It’s like having an on-demand library.

Self Made Scholar has a range of information on self educating and links to sites that will help you with that 🙂 It’s one of my favourites.


I think one of the best things people can do is try to learn as much as they can even if it’s just something for pleasure. For me, learning new things IS the pleasure. I like being skilled and intelligent, and so should you!

I challenge you all to pick one new thing to learn this month. Share below what you’re gonna try to learn, and come back after to tell us what you learned, and share how you did it!



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