Monday Meow: Lighten the F**k Up List: pt 3

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was utterly boring. Being broke sucks, haha!

Today’s list are ways you can fix up something that’s just screwing up your day.

1. HELP! My nail is peeling off but I don’t want to ruin my manicure!

Ok, breathe in, breathe out. Is it more than halfway off? In that case, you may just want to clip it, and rock it as a battle story. If not, then cut a small piece of invisible tape, and stick it over the break. Make sure it’s smooth. Cover it with a coat of clear polish, or use the colour your mani is, if possible.

2. Ahhh! My shoes are rubbing my feet! THERE’S BLOOD AND BLISTER GOO!

First of all, tsk tsk. Buy shoes that are a little looser next time (or get them stretched). Second of all, use a bandaid or even a pantyliner to buffer the area. I’ve totally stuck a thin pantyliner inside my boot before. Bonus: It keeps you dry too! (cue hysterical giggles)

3. My bra strap snapped!

I really hope you didn’t have a public wardrobe malfunction! This is why I keep safety pins in my bag. But you know what else works? Tying it back together, or using staples!

4. I’m hungry but my break isn’t for an hour!

Drink some water, it’s pretty filling, at least til it gets to your bladder. Or tea/coffee 🙂

5.  My boss/co-worker friend is being a buttwad!

Sorry, can’t help you much there. But I can help you feel better

Part 1

Part 2

I apologise for it being Monday again. It keeps coming back!


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