Monday Meow: The Lighten the F**k Up List, pt 1

Hey Strangekittens. I’ve been thinking, I have all these random things I do when I’m unhappy, or pissed off that really help in cheering me up. Some of them are random, but I thought I’d share. I know Mondays can suck, but here’s some fun stuff that can help lift you out of the darkness.

1. Talk to your cat.

Chairman yell

(Or dog, or bird, or bearded lizard…your get the point.) Chairman chirruping and meowing back at me like a conversation never fails to make me smile. He’s also a very chatty cat. Did you know, the more you talk to cats, the more communicative they get? Try it, you’ll see.

2. Listen to some music you’ve never tried before. Recently I got into a k-pop band called Big Bang. I don’t understand half the words but I still try to sing along like a fangirl! Maybe I should learn Korean?

3. Go to the mall and make silly faces at little kids. It’s about a 50/50 chance that they’ll either smile, giggle or start making faces back at you! I ended up having a pretend laser gun battle with some once :D Don’t be scary though.

4. On that note, pretend laser gun battles are fun. As are nerfguns. Never too old to play!

5. Invite over some friends, get together all your fancy outfits, dress up, and take millions of silly poser photos. It’s amazing how fun this can be! Pft, who needs special occasions. Life is a special occasion.

6. Go run around a playground. Just because you’re a bit too tall for them, doesn’t mean the swings aren’t fun! Pretend you’re working out. *nod nod*.

Same goes for the beach. You don’t have to swim, roll up your pants and feel the squooshy sand between your toes, and find pretty shells. :)

Woo! Paddling!

7.  Try out a new nail look. Experiments can be fun. Check out our nail tutorial page for ideas!

 8. Learn something you’ve always wanted to try. Check out SoYouWanna, it’s awesome for tutorials. Youtube is a good place to start too.

9. Pamper yourself. Take a nice, steamy bubble bath, read a cheesy novel and chillax!

10. Make something! There’s a tutorial for just about anything you can imagine. I’m forever modifying and putting together new stuff I can wear.

What do you do when you’re sad or upset? Share in the comments below, i’ll add the best ones to the next parts!


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