Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: My Whole 30 Meal Plans

Even coming from a Paleo diet, planning Whole 30 meals can be a pain. Here’s some options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These are some meal plans and options to make my first round of Whole 30 easier, and hopefully they’ll be helpful for you as well. For me, having a schedule is a pain in the ass – i’d rather give myself and the hubby a few options to pick from. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 🙂 I’ll be doing a weekly food diary so you can see what I ended up eating, grocery list included.

As a reminder, here’s Whole 30’s meal plan template, which i’ll be loosely following.



  • Eggs are always an easy option. Scrambled, fried, boiled. Pair that with some fresh, sauteed or leftover roasted veggies on the side. Plus bacon, or gluten-free lamb Sausages from Hills Foods. They are literally organic, grass-fed lamb and herbs/spices. No filler. If you have problems finding compliant bacon – ask your local butcher. They’ll be happy to cut it fresh if you ask nicely 🙂
  • Cinnamon & Banana Chia pudding  – I’m gonna try this, because it looks delicious!
  • Raw fruit and veggies with cold cuts – I plan on doing a couple of roasts, and there’s always leftovers.
  • Smoothies – fruit & veggies.


  • Stir-fries are my friend. Gonna chop up a bunch of veggie mixes in advance so i can throw stuff together. No effort, no temptation! Especially when i live around the corner from Dairy Queen.
  • Another option is leftovers, if they exist in your house. This usually depends on the number of teenagers, or people with physical jobs in your house. Both eat like a pack of hungry wolves!
  • Protein salads: Toss together what veggies you have (that are edible raw, preferably) with a palm sized portion of meat. I’m partial to cold chicken, or sliced beef roast.

Quail and peach salad



  • Apart from the obvious: Some  meat and veggies. Steak goes with everything.
  • Stew! So much stew! But seriously, they’re super easy and you can pretty much throw anything in there. Start with a basic mirepoix, you can add other fun flavours like mushrooms, garlic and herbs too. Brown some meat, throw that in too. Add some broth and root veggies – baby, we got a stew going! To be honest, we’re all kinda lazy by dinner time and the appeal of throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot or slow cooker, and having delicious noms come out a few hours later is irresistible.

A few favourites:

Hunter Stew
hunter stew 1

Poverty Stew (Slow cooker)

poverty stew

One Pot Chunky Chilli

one pot chilli

Beef Short Rib & Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Spaghetti Squash Bolognese 

spaghetti bol

Curry! I love me some curry. And most are Whole-30 compliant with coconut milk instead of (dairy) cream.

Still hungry? Have some fruit for dessert!

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