Once a year, in the rear! Strangekitty wants your help <3

Lol, butt jokes. Hey Strangekittens, I don’t normally do stuff like this, but Angela is a good friend of mine and it’s an awesome cause.

Summary: Cancer bad.  Butt cancer: Really bad! The Underwear Affair raises money for cancers below the belt, and cancer really is a kick in the nads. They do an awesome costumed walk on July 7th in their nicest under-britches!

These cancers really don’t get as much attention, but they account for about 42% of all cancers diagnosed in BC, Canada. We have some of the best cancer centres and researchers in the world – but it’s still a hard fight.

So, Angela has her personal fundraising goal at $500 CAD. I bet we can beat that! There’s no minimum but $10 is like, a nice bottle of nail polish. Or, you could help someone beat cancer! I know, hard sell right. But i’d appreciate it deeply if y’all helped out. You can also donate anonymously, if you want.

Donate to Angela here

Her team Peace Love HOPE is here

Many thanks and kitty karma <3

– Dannielle

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