Beef Short Rib & Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Hey guys! Here’s a comforting, delicious beef and pumpkin soup recipe. I designed this around using up some leftover roast pumpkin; it works just as well with fresh or frozen. Serves 2. You will need: 450g/1lb of roast pumpkin approximately. I had half a medium sized one already roasted. Peel and cube it. 1kg beef short ribs 2 stalks celery, diced fine 1 white onion, diced fine 2 med carrots, … Continue reading

Crispy Curried Okra


Here’s a quick one for you guys. This was tasty but as it turns out, i’m allergic to Okra! In any case, it’s a quick and easy snack recipe. It’s a rich, exotic turn on a popular Southern vegetable. This recipe is mildly spicy (by my standards) so adjust the amount of seasoning to almond ratio to taste. You will need: 200g fresh okra (About 2 cups) 1 egg, beaten … Continue reading

How to Help/Info for Australia (ACT/NSW Bushfire)

Hey guys. As I may have mentioned before, I lived in Australia during my teen years. Being a Kiwi, I may give them a lot of shit, but they’re an awesome, hardworking bunch and deserve our help. You’ve probably heard of the bushfires raging across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. Having experienced nearly a decade of bushfire seasons every year in Queensland, I can tell you it’s … Continue reading

Almond, Apple & Rosemary Turkey Stuffing – Gluten-free!

almond apple stuffing

Hey guys! I’m back from my week off over Thanksgiving. I’ve been having a stressful time lately and needed a bit of a break. But back to business! Today’s recipe is a super easy crowd pleaser, an almond based stuffing – most people don’t even notice it’s not breadcrumbs. This recipe is enough for a small (5kg) turkey, or two chickens. Scale up as needed. You will need: 2 cups … Continue reading

Stuffed Asian Pears aka…Baked Berry Brains!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I really like Halloween. I grew up in a country that didn’t really celebrate it when I was a kid. I’m into everything spooky and macabre, so here’s a berry spooky recipe for you. This is Barry, he disagreed with me over a parking spot. This one can be customized to your taste – apples work as well. I just prefer Asian Pears … Continue reading

Paleo Pumpkin Pie – Gluten free!


Hey guys. Today’s recipe is a nice kick off to the Halloween/fall season. Pumpkins are cheap and plentiful, so…pumpkin pie time! This does require a bit of preparation, but it’s pretty simple. You will need: 1 pie shell, made the crust from this recipe. I actually skipped the coconut flour in this one though. Filling: 1 kabocha pumpkin/squash, roasted in large pieces then scooped out. Discard skins/seed. Approximately 4 cups when … Continue reading

Cactus Fruit & Orange Sauce


Hey guys! As y’all know, I love to try new things.  Last week, I spotted some Cactus Fruit (aka Prickly Pears) and decided to have a go at cooking them. I’ve tried them before, raw in a salad, but never cooked. They have a taste like a sweet ripe kiwifruit. This recipe takes advantage of the sweet tropical taste, pairing it with orange and ginger. It’s great with chicken, turkey or … Continue reading

Eastern Spice Crusted Lamb Shoulder


Hey guys! As you know, I absolutely love eating lamb whenever I can get my hands on it. I’m from New Zealand and i’m pretty sure it’s genetic! Today’s recipe is a spicy Eastern inspired lamb shoulder. This is one of the better value cuts of lamb – It’s got the most meat for your dollar, and a good amount of bones for broth. (Or very lucky pets) As always, … Continue reading

Beef Heart & Parsnip Stew


Hey guys. Today’s recipe is quite literally a hearty beef stew. This budget cut of organ meat has a slightly bad reputation, but it really isn’t that different from other muscle meats, like flank steak. It’s very dense and nutritious with a rich beefy flavour. I paired it with some strong spices and some sweet parsnips to balance out the meaty mineral flavour. It’s also a one pot dish, super … Continue reading

Roast Quail & Peach Salad


Hey guys, today’s recipe is a bit of a change, being a bit leafier than usual. Two quails, spatchcocked and roasted with peaches and clementine orange juice.  The fruit adds a sweet, fragrant taste to add something more to your salad! Feel free to swap out the leafy greens I used – I’m simply a fan of Swiss chard, but spinach or kale would work just as well. Quails are … Continue reading