Paleo shopping on a budget

Hey guys! This week is a bit tough financially (good dentistry is worth it though), which got me thinking: Eating healthy can be hard on a budget. So I put together a few tips and recipes from my catalogue that are budget friendly!

Wholesale shopping

Did you know there’s a lot of places that are way cheaper than your local supermarkets? It’s true. No, I don’t mean Costco. I mean restaurant/commercial suppliers. Generally they’re open to the public without membership and sell things in bulk for pennies on the dollar, compared to other retailers. This is where restaurants and shops buy their stuff in the first place.

Sometimes they’re just under ‘wholesale’. The one I go to is actually a wholesaler AND overstock for their company’s supermarket chain. So keep an eye out for them, it’s well worth it. I often buy meat and veggies from them in bigger bags (you can even buy cases) and portion them up. Have a freezer ready, though. 🙂

Taking advantage of seasonal sales

This one is pretty easy. Keep an eye on the market flyers and see what they’re pushing that week. Shop according, and stock up! Often I’ll stock up on fruits and freeze half of them for cooking later. Make sure you research the original price though – sometimes they promote something at the same price as usual…crafty.

Budget friendly recipes on SK

poverty stew

 Poverty Stew

red bird pile 3Red Bird Pile

Palep spag bol 3Paleo Spaghetti Bolognese



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