Friday Nails: Rockstar Glitter Nails

Hey Strangekittens,

I know I said I was gonna do a make-up tutorial but I didn’t have enough time to do it today :( But, seeing as it’s Friday, i’m gonna help you look sparkly for the weekend!

This is a super sparkly rocker look. Personally I LOVE glitter, but I also love a bit of darkness too. It’s really quick too!

Here’s what you’ll need. Doesn’t have to be these brands, just use what is closest. The last glitter one is pretty unique to Sephora though.

nail polish - rockstar glitter nails

From left to right: OPI Natural Base Coat and Top Coat. You can actually buy this as a set. You can of course use any base/top coats but I love the OPI ones as they make your manicure hard as steel!

Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear in Celeb City

Wet ‘n Wild in Hallucinate

Sephora by OPI in To the Glitter End.

1. Apply base coat, dry.

2. Apply 2 thin coats of Celeb City. Make sure you let it dry properly! This one can look streaky if not.

3. Apply 2 coats of Hallucinate. Now let the whole thing dry for like 5mins.  If I want to set quicker I stick my fingertips in ice water for a bit.

4. Apply as many coats of To the Glitter End as you need to get the desired about of bling that you want :) I find this one is better if you dab it on, it distributes the glitter better.

I actually put 4 on mine. Again, make sure you let it dry in between about a minute, and when you have enough glitz on there, go dunk it in ice water again! (Beauty is pain! But no, don’t put yourself in pain. Very cold water, don’t freeze your ass off though.)

5. Finish with a layer of top coat.

Ta-daaaah! You’re done.

Try not to be distracted by your super sparkly nails. :D





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  1. theweejenny says:

    I LOVE how those came out. :D

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