Friday Nails: Smouldering Hot Coals Nail Tutorial

Hey Strangekittens! Here’s the Friday nail tutorial. This one I wanted the look of devilishly hot coals.

As usual, make sure you dry adequately between coats. I soak my fingertips in ice water for a couple minutes to make it set quicker.

You will need:

opi/sally hansen/wetnwild

– Base and top coat of your choice, I highly recommend OPI’s set

– Sally Hansen Xtremewear in ‘Red Carpet’

– Wet ‘n Wild Fastdry in ‘The Gold and the Beautiful’

– OPI Black Crackle

Step One

Base coat. Then two coats of Red Carpet.


Red carpet nails

Step two

One thin coat of The Gold and the Beautiful.

Gold coat

Step three

One vertical stripe of Black Crackle, down the middle of the nail.

Black crackle nails

Step four

Finish with a topcoat, and you’re done!


Have a great weekend, kittens!



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4 Responses to Friday Nails: Smouldering Hot Coals Nail Tutorial

  1. theweejenny says:

    This is the first use of a crackle polish that I’ve liked! I usually find it kinda bleh. This is super spiffy. ^_^

  2. nionvox says:

    It looks weird without a topcoat I think, it comes out matte otherwise

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