Strangekitty Ladies Roar!

The first of a series of the strong, smart ladies that read Strangekitty. I want to showcase the wide range of awesome people that we encompass.

Meet Vesper Sephony! Her Facebook bio:

“Eater of fire, dancer of hoops, spinner of flames. A travelling circus dame from a bygone era, Vesper Sephony is one with a taste for the beautiful and the bizarre. After she has ventured her way through Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and resided in Berlin, Vesper currently finds her home in Vancouver BC.In her spare time, she enjoys tasting teas, smoking her briar pipe, perusing antique contraptions, and believing in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.. “

Strangekitty ladies are smart, sexy, skilled and just plain fearless!

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