4 quick tips on how to survive a buffet, Paleo style!

Hey guys! I went to the River Rock Resort/Casino buffet last night, and some of you mentioned that it’s hard to find good food options. But it’s all about researching beforehand and being a bit picky. So here’s a few tips to make it a little less scary.

Mm, cell phone photography. Delicious. Wait, what?

  1. Loosen up your restrictions where you can for the day. Pick your best options, (and avoid your allergens of course) but sometimes it’s possible you will ingest something you didn’t know was part of the dish – don’t beat yourself up about it. If in doubt, ask a staff member. They’re usually very helpful! Look up the menu online before you go so you can plan ahead.
  2. Take full advantage of the salad bar. Fill your plate with veggies! In the top picture, I have Waldorf salad (apples, walnuts, raisins and mayo), and egg salad. Bottom one has fruit salad and cauliflower gratin. if you fill up on fiber and protein that dessert line will be much less tempting.
  3. Meat. Meeeeat! Most buffets have prime rib. This one had beef, ham, chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon sashimi AND an entire seafood area. Remember, ham often has honey or other sugary additives. This place also had pan sauce/demi-glace; this one didn’t have sugar but it did have wine in it, which is fairly standard.
  4. No, you don’t need that dinner roll. Really. I know it’s so tempting though.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to skip dessert. Many places have fruit, for an easy option. River Rock has a lot of sugar free options, which is awesome! I had some jello, some custard and creme caramel. Although, I personally can handle dairy pretty well.  Just avoid the grain based stuff like tarts, pies and cheesecake. But as I mentioned at the start, don’t police yourself too hard. The point of these things is to have fun!

Have you been to a buffet before? This is one of the better ones I’ve been to; although i think the very best was the Hilton Hotel lunch buffet.


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