Friday Nails: Born Pretty Flowers

born pretty flowers 2

Hey everyone! How’s your week been? Mine’s been crazy busy. This week I received some review samples from Born Pretty Store. They sell nail art tools and decoration, and some really cute cosmetics, too. I picked out these cute dried flowers, because it’s something I haven’t tried before, or seen around locally. You get a wheel container where you can turn the opening to the one you want to pick – way easier, and less … Continue reading

Special announcement: Help Strangekitty make better content for you!

Hey Strangekittens, As you know, I run this entire site, all the tutorials etc on my own $$ at this point. That being said, I don’t actually have that much to spend! But I love how the site has grown, and how it’s evolved. I also love all the fans, and how they learn from everything I post, whether it’s my good or bad experiences. So, i’m doing a fundraiser here: Help Strangekitty! … Continue reading

Quick update: Baby eagle cam!

Hey Strangekittens. If you follow us on twitter, you have probably noticed i’m a little obsessed with this baby eagle cam lately! I’m updating this as things progress, so check back every few hours! Anyway, the second hatchling  poked it’s butt out at around 11:30am PST and I took a screen grab so everyone can see. Click the picture for bigger version. You can see a wing, and it’s little birdy butt! … Continue reading