Friday Nails: Trim the tree

trim the tree nails

Hey guys! This is my week 3 entry for NPC’s Holiday Nail Art competition. Seeing as everyone else is doing straight up trees and baubles, I decided to be a weirdo and go abstract 😛   It’s kinda symbolic. The red is for Canada. The gold is for the good times with friends. The diamond/stars is for the hopes we hold for a new year. Xmas is not traditionally a … Continue reading

Food photography – Props

This is part 4 of my food photography tips. This week, we’re all about the props. Yes, there are props! Unless you plan on just hovering the food in mid-air…although that would be cool. Props are indeed an important aspect of food photography. It can make or break a photo in this case, because you’re generally focussing on one subject; you don’t want to distract too much. With food, obvious … Continue reading