Friday Nails: Halloween Scratcher

halloween scratcher 3

This week’s manicure is a scratch, messy look inspired by slime…and sparkles. Yes, really. Plus I wanted to use this Essence green 😀 Scritch scratch… You will need: Essence’s metallic green ’25’ Essence’s sparkly mauve ’19’ Some sort of fine point tool like a toothpick. A fine, dry paintbrush Nail polish remover + q-tips Step one: 2 coats of the mauve. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on. I … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Born Pretty Flowers

born pretty flowers 2

Hey everyone! How’s your week been? Mine’s been crazy busy. 😀 This week I received some review samples from Born Pretty Store. They sell nail art tools and decoration, and some really cute cosmetics, too. I picked out these cute dried flowers, because it’s something I haven’t tried before, or seen around locally. You get a wheel container where you can turn the opening to the one you want to pick – way easier, and … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Essence Nail Polish review

Essence august review

Hey guys! This week has been crazy. But, somewhere in that mess, I spotted this new nail polish brand – Essence. From what i’ve read, it’s a European brand, just landed here in Canada. Despite the dubiously cheap price of $1.27, I picked up a bottle. I. Freaking. Love. This. Brand. XD Anyone that knows me, knows that I loooove cheap shinies. That being said, some cheaper brands are of…questionable … Continue reading