NCLA Nail Wraps Review – Nail Polish Canada

preview NCLA

Hey guys! This week I got to play with some awesome new nail wraps from NCLA, generously sent to me by Check out the video below for my thoughts on them. More info on where you can get them below the video. Buy them here: NCLA Nail wraps – Galaxy (the one I used) and Aly En Vogue Or here, in the US For the love of kitties and nail polish, please … Continue reading

Beauty Tips: Sun protection!

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Hey guys! It’s that time of year again (in the Northern Hemisphere) where the sun decides to come out and glare at you. As much as I appreciate the warmer weather, (I get to wear my straw hat and shorts again ) sunburn isn’t  fun. He’s a couple of my favourite products and tips to get you through the heat. Slip, Slop, Slap! I don’t know about you, but this … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Nails Inc ‘Bling it on Rebel’ (Leather look) Review

Hey guys!   A quick review and demo of Nails Inc’s new ‘Bling it on Rebel’ leather look nail kit. I really loved this one! The leather look polish dries quick, it’s very durable too and took a couple days before i noticed any chipping. Other than that, it looks very cool, perfect rocker girl look for the weekend! It cost me about $30 at Sephora Canada. It comes with: … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Halloween Scratcher

halloween scratcher 3

This week’s manicure is a scratch, messy look inspired by slime…and sparkles. Yes, really. Plus I wanted to use this Essence green 😀 Scritch scratch… You will need: Essence’s metallic green ’25’ Essence’s sparkly mauve ’19’ Some sort of fine point tool like a toothpick. A fine, dry paintbrush Nail polish remover + q-tips Step one: 2 coats of the mauve. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on. I … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Summer’s End

summers end 2

Hey guys! This week’s manicure is a blend into fall, with brown and gold. I’m gonna miss you summer! You will need: A brown colour A gold glitter Some q-tips, or a small brush Step one: 2-3 coats of the brown. Whatever it takes to reach a solid colour. Step two: Using the q-tip, dab the gold glitter haphazardly up your nail. It should kinda fade off towards the tips. If … Continue reading

Monday Meow: 5 Youtube channels you should subscribe to, right meow!

Oh no, it’s Monday again! Hey Strangekittens. As a blog, I read a lot and watch a great deal of stuff to stay up to date. Here are my 5 favourite Youtube beauty channels. I’m sticking with some lesser-known, but truly awesome gurus. Promise Tamang Phan Promise does some amazing make-up transformations. She shows the insane range of what can be done with make-up in the right hands! XCLOSETOREAL Another … Continue reading

Six months in and lovin’ it: Onward to the edge!

Hey Strangekittens. This is a special post. Specifically, it’s my 100th post!  Firstly, I never thought I’d stick with this as long as I have. It’s been six months since I started Strangekitty and I’ve been busy ever since. Being able to use all my talents, in writing, design, photography, cooking – it makes me stupidly happy. The ability to show off my geekery, and to share it with others in hope that it … Continue reading

Interview: Vancouver’s own ‘Precious Metal’ burlesque

Hey Strangekittens. Last week I sat down with one of Vancouver’s many awesome entertainers, Precious Metal! Precious Metal is one of the most entertaining, friendly people i’ve ever met. Not many girls are this confident; Precious is practically brimming with it. Originally from Australia, she dived into Vancouver’s lively burlesque scene. SK: Burlesque is big in Vancouver. How did you get started? PM: When I first moved to Vancouver I … Continue reading

Monday Meow: Eyeliner

Hey Strangekittens. Today’s links are all about the major eyeliner trend and how you can use it!

5 Tricks to apply eyeliner right every time It took me ages to get liquid liner right! Seriously, I only mastered it at age 24…/facepalm

Bright eyeliner tutorial. I’ve been itching to break out some purple eyeliner, what about you?

Stencil your liner. If you’re just starting out and still a bit wobbly, this could help.

Not eyeliner, but I know you probably got sunburned this weekend! DIY Sun Soothers