Friday Nails: Summer’s End

summers end 2

Hey guys! This week’s manicure is a blend into fall, with brown and gold. I’m gonna miss you summer! You will need: A brown colour A gold glitter Some q-tips, or a small brush Step one: 2-3 coats of the brown. Whatever it takes to reach a solid colour. Step two: Using the q-tip, dab the gold glitter haphazardly up your nail. It should kinda fade off towards the tips. If … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Go for Gold!

Hey Strangekittens. I’ve seen a LOT of Olympics nails this week. Hundreds. Thing is, they all seem to look the same. Olympic rings, country flags, woooo. So, I decided to go for a more abstract celebration – this one signifies victory.  Golden streaks with silver and bronze flecks, glittering like an Olympic medal.  You will need: A gold colour Sephora’s glitter coat in ‘212’ Dental floss. Waxed is better. Step one: 2-3 coats … Continue reading

Friday Nails: H.R Giger inspired

Hey Strangekittens. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Giger fan. If I could, I’d have my entire home look like Giger’s works. Recently I saw Prometheus, and drooled the entire movie. My husband suggested this, so after a couple of tries, I had a go at it! Giger’s works are intricate and detailed, but as the fingernail is a very small canvas, I took some artistic liberty with it I went for the … Continue reading

Monday Meow Link Round-up: Sparkles and previews!

Hey Strangekittens. This week’s round-up is sparkle-heavy, because this week i’ll hopefully post the interview with Vancouver’s Screaming Chicken Burlesque girl: Precious Metal! Here’s a sneak preview of the buxom beauty herself: Did you have a good weekend? Mine was busy but fun. I finally saw Avengers! I’m also still finding glitter from the photoshoot with Precious last week. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world, the modelling world, pretty much … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Royal Blood

Hey Strangekittens. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, and I especially love Daenerys. This week’s nails are for the blood of the dragon! Deep red for war, cream for her hair, and glitter for her dragons. Excuse my raggedy cuticles, lol!   You will need: – A deep red, I used Essie’s Bordeux – A white nail pen, or polish. I used one by Sally Hansen – A clear glitter coat. … Continue reading