Turkey Neck Slow Cooker Stew (aka Sicky Stew)


Some days you just want to toss something in a pot and let it cook while you have a nap. Tis the season for flu, colds and allergies, and nothing makes me feel better than a warming, nutritious stew! To top it off this one is very budget friendly. Turkey necks are an under appreciated cut of meat; many people have no idea what to do with them. But like … Continue reading

SK’s Spring BBQ Recipes

chipotle honey ribs

Hey guys! I’m a bit short on interesting food this week, so I put together a collection of my most BBQ-tastic recipes. all of these can either be prepared over a fire/BBQ, or travel well, in case of pre-made food. Chipotle Honey Beef Ribs with Crimini Mushrooms Lemon Cilantro Roast Chicken Spicy Ribs + Sautéed Onions & Potato Mash Roast Acorn Squash Bowl with Pico De Gallo Mushroom Steak Burgers w/ … Continue reading

New Zealand Lamb Stirfry with Zucchini, Lemon & Dill

IMG_1976 edit

Hey guys! It’s finally Spring here in Canada and we’ve just started getting in some nice seasonal produce. So, I thought I’d do something quick and simple, but a little different. This is a lamb stir fry inspired by the flavours in Greek food. Lemon, dill, with a hint of fresh crunchiness from the zucchini. This recipe servers about 3-4 people. You will need: 2 medium zucchini, sliced 1kg lamb stew cubes … Continue reading

Chipotle-Honey Beef Back Ribs & Crimini Mushrooms

chipotle honey ribs

Hey guys! Guess what I like to nom? RIBS! I love ribs. Maybe it’s because they come with handles for easier nomming? Anyway, this week’s recipe is pretty spicy – adjust the amounts to your taste. It’s a delectable, slow roasted beef back rib. Not a common choice, I know. But they’re very cheap, and easy to ace if done right! You will need: 4 large beef back ribs 250g … Continue reading

Nori Steak Wrap

Today’s recipe is just a quick snack wrap. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Paleo and this means no grains. (Plus LOL gluten intolerance) This is a great, healthy snack for when you want a wrap or a sandwich. You can put anything you want in it, this is just an example. Although, if you hate sushi or seaweed taste, it’s not for you, haha! Nion’s Nori Steak Wraps You will need: 2 Nori sheets. Find these … Continue reading