Chipotle-Honey Beef Back Ribs & Crimini Mushrooms

chipotle honey ribs

Hey guys! Guess what I like to nom? RIBS! I love ribs. Maybe it’s because they come with handles for easier nomming? Anyway, this week’s recipe is pretty spicy – adjust the amounts to your taste. It’s a delectable, slow roasted beef back rib. Not a common choice, I know. But they’re very cheap, and easy to ace if done right! You will need: 4 large beef back ribs 250g … Continue reading

Red Bird Pile Chicken

red bird pile 3

Hey guys. This recipe, although not the most attractive dish, is absolutely delicious! A big, crispy honey-garlic chicken breast, smothered in a flavourful chunky tomato and bacon sauce. Yes, bacon. I’ve also been craving tomato like mad You will need: 2 cups diced tomato 1 small can tomato paste 3-4 strips of good quality bacon (no, not the maple kind) 2 large chicken breasts, skin on Fresh basil leaves – about … Continue reading